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Important! Your phone number will need to be a landline or true cellular number. No virtual numbers.
If not, no worries. We will find one that matches the business name and register it for you while setting up your website. No cost, it's included.
If you don't have a logo, we will help you conceptualize and design your logo and branding. It's included in your marketing package.
If you do not, we'll help you locate an inexpensive (as low as $25-$50 monthly) virtual address in your target area(s) to register with Google maps, local directories, and also with your state. This is important for your website's SEO and customers being able to find you.
We will locate a supplier nearest to you with a low minimum order, usually $100. If we are unable to find one, we will supply you with parts from our reputable supplier, FREE shipping. There are three different qualities of phone parts. We strongly suggest you only use the highest quality.

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